Motor Vehicle Accidents

San Diego Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor vehicle accidents include both car accidents and motorcycle accidents. Injuries sustained from both types of accidents may result in a viable personal injury case. First, someone has to be responsible for your injuries. If you were the driver and you were found to be at fault, there is no one responsible for your injuries. If you were only partially at fault, you can still have a legitimate claim against the driver who was also at fault for the accident.

Motorcycle accidents can be severe, simply because the driver of the motorcycle is not as protected as the driver within the car. Although drivers are encouraged to keep an eye out for motorcycles when the weather is warm, motorcycle accidents are caused all the time because of careless drivers. If you were following all traffic laws, and a car didn’t see you, causing your injuries, you have a reasonable claim against the other party.

Attorney Keshavarz knows what it takes to aggressively pursue your personal injury claim. From the beginning stages of discovery, to the final stage of determining your financial compensation, Attorney Keshavarz will work hard on your case throughout the duration. You can expect high-quality customer service and you will be updated every step of the way throughout the life of your case.

To prove injuries from a motor vehicle accident, you will need to work closely with treatment providers. It is key to listen to all providers, and attend all medical appointments, and comply with recommended treatment. When you are ready to discuss your case, contact our office for a free personal injury consultation.